Sometimes, there are things in this world that just happen. You could try your entire life to get everything together and it wouldn’t be possible. But sometimes, just sometimes, all the stars align and something happens… and this bike is one of those things.

One sunny afternoon in the summer of 2013, the bike came into the shop in an unorganized heap of parts in 4 milk crates after the owner had it torn down in his shed to make it into a café racer. After close inspection of the bike and a rough estimate of cost, the owner elected to abandon the bike and move on to a different project bike all together.

For a few years, like in any custom bike shop, the pile of aluminum and steel collected dust in a corner until summer 2015. We were in the process of developing a new customized device for the motorsport industry and needed a bike to help develop the product. What better fit than this bike? Firstly it was free and second it was already torn down; we knew it could take some use and abuse. (These bikes are still around today for a good reason, they have solid engines with a nice power curve even to today’s standard. Lack of parts has gotten some of them off the road but with a little searching you can put them back on the road for years of loyal service.)

So we started this build with a custom rear seat using parts that we already had on hand. It has a rear Ducati suspension, R6 front end and a gas tank from an old CB750 Hondamatic. Everything came together nicely, and with a set of 50/50 tires, this bike turned into what we call a “Sport Scrambler”.

For our development, we integrated a set of MotoGadget goodies, a full fledged home brewed CAN network including MAP, O2, knock, plus oil press, oil temp, air temp and ignition sensors.

Complete with all its new bells and whistles, we call her “Zero”. Zero is now ready to hit the road as our new-to-us and very stylish development platform. We plan to put a lot of milles on Zero this summer; on AND off road. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but by fall she will be up for grabs for around $25,000.

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